Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wiggy Wonder's Product Review: Milky Way Saga Remy Lace Front -Jerri Curl

This is surely a LOVE-HATE relationship... I'm gonna spare you all of my mixed emotions and thoughts about this particular wig, and get straight to the review.

Pros: The curl pattern is wonderful, and soft (by touch and looks). This wig is totally be-weave-able! I can honestly say people think this is my natural hair! For example a girl in the mall the other day gave me a wonderful complement on my hair and was raving about being a naturalist. This chick was up close and personal ( ALL UP IN MY LACE ROOTS!!). I like this particular unit for the natural look, texture and amount of lace parting space you are given. Being that this is Indian remy human hair or whatever they wanna call it, I was able to dye my wig. So that was another plus in my book.

Cons: This mothasucka is the biggest headache ever when it comes to any type of detangling or maintenance or styling !!!!! HONESTLY it's a NIGHTMARE!!! To put it bluntly I paid $250. AndSomeChange for this unit and it tangles and sheds live crazy. I literally have handfuls of hair when I get through washing, conditioning, styling or simply touching this hair. And when I say tangle I mean matte, coming directly from the root of the wig. This is a big NO NO, and Milky Way needs to be ashamed of selling a faulty product and ripping consumer off big time.

Rating (scale 1-10): This is a 5, 50%, a big fat FAIL! The look is awesome, but the money, time, and effort to get the look is not worth the hassle. I'm very disappointed with the Milky Way brand and most likely will not purchase anything they construct again, unless it super cheap/FREE. You best believe I going to wear this wig till there is only one strand of hair left. I will get every cent of my $$$$ and some out of this unit. Check out my pics of this unit on its good days, and leave comments or reviews of your own.


I think the color is 1 or 1B, nonetheless its BLACK

After I lightened the unit to a medium to dark brown color. I was happy the curl pattern didn't change much considering I use Vol. 40 developer. Note: this unit is not glued or taped and none of my hair/ edges are showing.


  1. My favorite wiggy pooh is still the one with the bag underneath it. Do you even stil have that one? It was fierce, we need a re-creation of it!

  2. LOL, no Kris but I can make another:)