Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mentionable Menswear

Our first menswear post!! This edition happens to be featuring one of my oldest friends. We've known each other for about 11 years. I would always say this guy is a dapper Dan when stepping out and our trip to the Lion King would be no different. We did NOT plan to match, it just happened that way. It actually happens a lot with us...weird.

Kinda blurry, but peep the tie game! 

Twinsies!! I still think it's weird every time this happens...

The Theather, The Theater. What Happened to the Theater?

A line from one of my favorite movies "White Christmas" starring Danny Kay, Bing Crosby, and Rosemary Clooney.

On my way to see the Lion King at The Hippodrome in Baltimore. I must say it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen. The puppetry was masterful. I felt like I was a child watching the actors with my mouth open the entire time, screaming "wow did you see that?!"  Uhhh yeah, I'm a 7 years old in a 25yr old's body. Who cares?

This necklace came allll the way from Ghana, West Africa. I brought it back from my study abroad trip in 2006. 

I scored this vintage rabbit fur coat from Dubois Textiles in Baltimore earlier this year. This was my first time stepping out in it. 

Fur Coat: Thrifted ($30) 
Silk Dress: Thrifted ($5) 
Belt: Thrifted ($2) 
Shoes: BCBG 

Yuletide Carols

Christmas Day!!! I have a small obsession with colored tights and over the knee socks at the moment, so that's what was waiting under my tree! Tights, on tights, on ti-ightsss!

In front of one of our many Christmas trees. (My mom goes a little coo-koo for Christmas decorations) My Dad and I were actually dressed alike this Christmas, me in my school girl skirt, and he in his red plaid Christmas pants!!! Don't have any pics of those tho...

A close up of the cut out pattern on my shirt.

Shirt: Thrifted 
Skirt: H&M 
Boots: Jessica Simpson 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Party Hair

I just started curling away! Got too tired to finish the back so just twisted it into a ring. It was a super easy style tho...

The finished product, I was quite pleased.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


On the way to a friend's bday party at a nice little spot in Baltimore called EVilla. This print on this swetaer reminds me of something Native American. Once again, its ANGORA!!! Not sure why I like angora so much. Its just so soft a fuzzy hehe...

Got these leather shorts from a cute little vintage shop in Kansas City,  They used to be pants that I never wore so I just cut them into shorts.

Sweater: Thrifted ($4)
T-shirt: Forever21 
Belt: Thrifted ($2)
Leather shorts: Thrifted ($15)
Shoes: Sam Edleman

P.S. This was day 7 of my bant-knot out. Still love love LOVE.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sundays Best:)

Yes, I know the day of Sabbath has passed but, couldn't let the opportunity to share my Praise Him- Outfit, go bye (Sunday is the day we praise the Lord for the may blessings and mercies he has provided us, but I wanted to look cute while doing so... not to be mistaken for vanity.)

This is the outfit I chose to wear to church last Sunday. Enjoy!!!

Boots: IDK, got them years ago.
Skirt: Straight from Momma's Closet
Top: Ralph Lauren- Macy's
MJ Jacket- INC Brand Macy's


I rarely wear leopard and cheetah prints (who can tell the difference between the two anyway?), but when I do you know I'm feelin' frisky! I remember these prints used to freak me out as a kid. I guess I grew out of that...

The entire outfit is thrifted except for the United Colors of Bennetton boyfriend jeans. Those were given to me by a friend so they're hand-me-downs, which I guess would be the same thing as thrifted. I don't know...

Oh and by the way, this is day 5 of my bantu knot-out. Winning!!!

Shirt: Thrifted ($2) 
Suede Jacket: Thrifted ($6) 
Jeans: Free.99 
Boots: Thrifted ($15)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Product Review: MyHoneyChild Coconut Papaya Hair Paste

This stuff was awesometastic! Co-washed my hair then added the hair paste. Sat under the dryer for 20 minutes then rinsed it out. Heaven only knows...My hair felt super soft and smelled yummy! It wasn't too coconutty or flowery. PERFECT!

I didn't find this product to be too runny as some other users experienced. It gave my hair just the right amount of slip.  Added to my weekly routine.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, honey, coconut butter, sunflower butter, coconut oil, papaya oil, coconut milk 

Staying Power

Day 3 of my Bantu knot-out and it's still going strong. I WILL be doing this style again. The Michael Jackson curls in the front give me life!!!

Also the debut of my MAC Plum Bright lipstick. I haven't tried purple lips in the past. I've always thought it might look to goth, but I actually like it. I think it looks sophisticated but not in a hoity-toity way.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

I am the spitting image of my mom today. I remember her wearing outfits like this with her stud earrings and her bushy eyebrows, just the way I look today.

I love this coat it reminds me of a cape, the shoulder pads also make me happy.

Another close up of my bantu knot-out. Me Likey!!

Coat: Thrifted ($25 at Clothing Warehouse in 5 Points in ATL) 
Sweater: Thrifted The Limited ($4) 
Jeans: Forever21 
Boots: Jessica Simpson 

Today's Style

This is last night's Bantu knot out, done by the same method as Naptural85's YouTube video. I think it came out pretty well!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lumberjack Stuntin

Currently going mad for plaid! I went thrifting yesterday and went hog wild on plaid shirts (among other things)... 

Also wearing one of my favorite hats, I love the ball on top. I'm covering up my bantu knots, which are still wet from last night. Ugh... my hair takes forever to dry. Gonna sit under the dryer for maybe another hour, before the company Christmas party tonight hopefully to unveil a head full of curls :) 

Hat: Forver21 
Scarf: Pac Sun 
Coat: Jones New York 
Shirt: Thrifted Talbots ($4) 
Jeans: Guess 
Boots: Penny Loves Kenny ($15 at Gabriel Bros!) 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Gifting

I recently stumbled onto the Lush Cosmetics website and found these adorable gift sets. They're cute as a button, and come individually wrapped. Each features a combination of Lush's handmade bath time gems like bath bombs and sweet smelling soaps. Two free soap samples came with my order "Lemslip" and "Ring of Roses buttercream" awesomeee! I bought a gift set for each of my aunt's, they smell like heaven and I'm sure they'll love em. At only about $10 a pop, I should've gotten one for myself...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I'm in love with this vest so much, I actually wore it to my birthday dinner this year in April. I have no idea what's going on with the beaded pattern. It looks like some kind of bird doing an autumn harvest dance with paisleys...yeah I dont know, but I like it.

It's a cold and rainy day here in Baltimore so I threw on one of my favorite pairs of rain boots. I've had these for about 8 years. I HATED them at first when my mom bough them for me, but now I adore them. Funny how that works... 

Turtleneck: Gabriel Bros ($1)
Vest: Thrifted ($2) 
Necklace & Jeans: Forever21 
Boots: Naturalizer