Sunday, January 29, 2012


Channeling the 90s for day. All thrifted everythang...well mostly.

Suede jacket: Thrifted ($6)
Shirt: Thrifted  ($2)
Shorts: Thrifted ($4)
Leggings: Kensie 
Boots: Nine West Vintage America 

Rainbow Connection

Testing out my Elvis Presley's while I learned to drive a stick shift. After totaled my little red coupe I've decided to get a MINI Cooper. Since most of them are manual transmissions guess I gotta learn how to drive one. I hear its so much fun. So far its just been so confusing...Then off to dinner at Jack's Bistro in Canton. They had macaroni and cheese and chocolate all in one dish! Amazeballs!!

Jacket: HotKiss
Tank: Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans: United Colors of Benneton
Shoes: Bamboo

Friday, January 27, 2012

FUReal: DIY Rabbit Fur Vest

Trending these days - #LongFurVest, and thanks to my beloved Ola ( my granny). Her closet is a never ending masterpiece full of classic fashion and revolving style. About two summers ago I snatched this piece from her wardrobe, not willing to pass down her blessing. I was reluctant to take off the fuzzy friend despite the scorching July heat. I didn't care, that bad boy was following me home. Over the years, it has slowly worn on the shoulders, and just last week it dawned on me to cut the sleeves and make a vest!!!! To pay for repairs would have been too much $$$. Taking matters in to my creative hand I did so and revamped the vintage fur. Check out the pics below this fur is FUReal HOTTNESS... Enjoy!!!

Rabbit Fur w/ Black Leather trim

Supplies: a pair of scissors, I should have taken a pic before I cut the sleeves but here they are...use your imagination

This is kind of what it looked like prior to my alternations.

This was the look I was going for.
Please pay no attention to the man with the sign... he's a H8ter!!!lol:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lazy Hair :) Senegalese Twist

The Senegalese twists originated from Senegal, West Africa, this style last for many months, but stand out from the crowd. You will definitely turn heads with the Senegalese Twists.The time length is 5 to 6 hours with one stylist at a short to regular length.  They will not unravel, even with loose ends.  This beautiful style gives you a very different and distinct look from individual braids.

The Low Down on my Twist!

Hair typeSynthetic Kanekalon ($8.00 for FOUR Packs)
Color: 1B/ 33
Time: 10hrs...YIKES >(
Length: 20-24 inches
Style Cost: $80 "AMAZING"

" I don't keep hair in for a long time, assured these bad boys will endure till the end. My goal is to keep them in at least a month (for me that's a stretch). 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mentionable Menswear

A guy in a sweater just does something amazing for my life! Heck, a guy in anything other than a t-shirt gets my goat. This weekend at a bday gathering for a homie, I ran into this sporting young gentleman whom I've been friends with for at least 10 years. Looking pretty fly for a Bmore guy in this shawl neck sweater (my "it" thing for a guy to wear right now,) distressed jeans, and some laid back footwear.  I've been instructed to mention that his sneaks are Nike and "not too many ppl know that Nike makes shoes like these"...they must be paying him to say that.

Blue Suede Shoes

I recently stumbled upon a shoe site that I'd never heard of before. I was on Make Me Chic and found some electric blue loafers that I swooned over. Of course they didn't have my size since 7.5 is like the most popular size in America I guess I googled the style and found them for super cheap on Zoo Shoo. They also sell apparel and jewelry. Free shipping at all times plus they sent me a coupon for 5% of my next order! Think I might cop the leopard pair as well. Swaggin all day...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Warrior

This past weekend was my BFF's anniversary of her 21st bday. The ladies stepped out looking splendiferous as per usual for dinner at Dirty Martini in DC. I lost the battery to my Nikon so until I find it or get a new one I'll just have to settle for iPhone pics.

Idk why we all have werewolf eyes in this pic...

Curly girls were in the house! 

The bday beauty in an A-line frock from Urban Outfitters, and nude cutouts by Nine West

Yeah, yeah, I know... its a bathroom pic *sigh* I still like it tho cuz it looks like sun rays are being emitted from my fro. I really just wanted y'all to check the neckwear. 

White T: Target 
Necklace: Forever21 
Cropped Blazer: Urban Outfitters 
Jeans: Thrifted


My routine to get it right get it tight. Above the neck, that is.

LUSH Cosmetics Mask of Magnamity ($10) smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Ingredients including peppermint oil and exfoliators like ground almond shells makes my face look like a million trillion bucks!

My Honey Child Coconut Papaya Hair Paste (CurlMart $15) is also a weekly staple. I wash , add my deep conditioner, and sit under the dryer for 30 mins. It's hot as hayle under there but it keeps my curls poppington!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top of the Line

After a sweet little getaway to the land of the Alamo, San Antonio,TX. I stopped off at the San Marcos premium outle, between Austin and San Antone( that's how the Texans say it), to experience hi-end shopping before I was forced to come back down to earth.

Imagine every luxury designer/ brand of your dreams and picture them at your leisure, located together in this one premium outlet. I took the price tags of the merchandise to still be a lil hefty for outlet status. Nonetheless I still made sure to make my rounds to Gucci, Prada, Tory Burch, Besty Johnson, and Fendi to name a few.

I did run across and interesting collar in Prada. It was goat fur, but it looked and felt like Indian remy hair!!

*FYI* although Gucci was also a lil too much for my tax bracket. I passed along my info to their store manager Enrique who sends email updates of their sales. Surprising the "last call" sale prices aren't terrible. I'm talking $500 or less for some luggage. Think about it some people drop $500 on a Coach or D&B handbag, when you can have a GUCCI DUFFLE... Get with the program people! Lol, check it out, google it, stop by and visit, or call. Whatever you do ENJOY!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dot.D Productions

Tiffany Giles is definitely doing her thing in the production world. A student in TV and Film production at Howard University, she's is beyond driven and striving for her dreams. Don't be surprised when her name starts popping up everywhere on news stands near you. 

Check the web series entitled "A New Class"  about the trials and tribulations of being a college student in the 21st century. We've all been there, right?

Stay posted with updates on Dot.D's YouTube page

Proud of you cuz. Keep doing great things!

Gordon Gartrell

My ode to Theo Huxtable, in this two tone silk shirt that I thrifted. Maybe the homemade Gordon Gartrell that Theo wore on that episode of the Cosby's had a different color scheme than my blouse. It was purple and gold if I recall correctly.  Either way I think of Theo and Denise when I put it on. I was on my way to my cousin's 26 bday celebration at Select when I got into a fender bender at the 95S tunnel and never made it there. To all who read this blog, you will see me in this outfit again soon. Especially since I never made it to the club.

I promise, I wasn't giving you guys the "finger" 

A close-up of my killer shoes. And by killer, I mean these joints KILL my pinky toe lawdamercy...

Blouse: Thrifted ($4)
Jeans: Forever21 
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Friday, January 6, 2012

Raspberry Rain

My grad school roomate came all the way from Kansas to visit me! well not actually to visit me, but she came to VA so of course we had to meet up in DC and get to the T! (non-intentional rhyming) Hopefully Ill be seeing her again in May. Anwhooo, this is what I wore to meet her. It was raining crazy hard that day, so I ended up changing into rain boots which looked horrid with my outfit. Needless to say, Im not posting those pics.  I also have a thing for oversized shirts at the moment, which you could probably already tell. 

huggin myself like Ray Charles...for no reason.

Shirt: Thrifted ($2)
Suede Vest: Thrifted ($4)
Jeans: Forever21 
Boots: Penny Loves Kenny 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mission Possible: UPGRADE Your Shoe Game 4 Le$$

Fortunately my lovely Godparents Upgraded my shoe game just in time for me to bring in the New Year with style. It got so bad, till my Uncle Steve offered to pay for my Steve Madden boots (shown previously in  "Who Loves Orange Soda...Kris Loves Orange Soda!" ) to receive a nice "spit shine" from the shoe shiner in Lenox Mall. I already knew he was trynna crack jokes so I had to let him know I intentionally was going for the rustic look... indeed.

During the weeks leading up the holiday I was on the prowl for some FabShoes, of course at an AWESOME price. While visiting ATL I dropped into Lenox Square with the Fam, and came across the prefect NYE finishing touch... Dazzling shoes to go along with my Dazzling "thrifted  black sequin dress," my Dazzling Smile, Dazzling Hair, Dazzling Beau...I think you get the point. It was a MUST for me to be DAZZLING while making my way into 2012!

In Bloomies (Bloomingdale Department Store) I snatched me a pair of Aqua-Moxie shoes, "Black & Old Gold." Retail $115.00, sale 1/2 Off... you do the math = MAJOR STEAL:) Now that I'm back in the game for 2012 I hit up Zara Clothing Co. looking for more lovely shoes (I received a gift card there for Christmas) and located some precious gems for low cost. I'm talking real leather, sued... DIAMONDS (LOL, ok that was an exaggeration) but these are quality trendy shoes for a wonderful price. Word to the wise don't just take my word, check it out yourself. As always ENJOY and happy 2012:)

Above-Aqua: Moxie
Below- ZARA shoes