Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mission Possible: UPGRADE Your Shoe Game 4 Le$$

Fortunately my lovely Godparents Upgraded my shoe game just in time for me to bring in the New Year with style. It got so bad, till my Uncle Steve offered to pay for my Steve Madden boots (shown previously in  "Who Loves Orange Soda...Kris Loves Orange Soda!" ) to receive a nice "spit shine" from the shoe shiner in Lenox Mall. I already knew he was trynna crack jokes so I had to let him know I intentionally was going for the rustic look... indeed.

During the weeks leading up the holiday I was on the prowl for some FabShoes, of course at an AWESOME price. While visiting ATL I dropped into Lenox Square with the Fam, and came across the prefect NYE finishing touch... Dazzling shoes to go along with my Dazzling "thrifted  black sequin dress," my Dazzling Smile, Dazzling Hair, Dazzling Beau...I think you get the point. It was a MUST for me to be DAZZLING while making my way into 2012!

In Bloomies (Bloomingdale Department Store) I snatched me a pair of Aqua-Moxie shoes, "Black & Old Gold." Retail $115.00, sale 1/2 Off... you do the math = MAJOR STEAL:) Now that I'm back in the game for 2012 I hit up Zara Clothing Co. looking for more lovely shoes (I received a gift card there for Christmas) and located some precious gems for low cost. I'm talking real leather, sued... DIAMONDS (LOL, ok that was an exaggeration) but these are quality trendy shoes for a wonderful price. Word to the wise don't just take my word, check it out yourself. As always ENJOY and happy 2012:)

Above-Aqua: Moxie
Below- ZARA shoes


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