Friday, January 27, 2012

FUReal: DIY Rabbit Fur Vest

Trending these days - #LongFurVest, and thanks to my beloved Ola ( my granny). Her closet is a never ending masterpiece full of classic fashion and revolving style. About two summers ago I snatched this piece from her wardrobe, not willing to pass down her blessing. I was reluctant to take off the fuzzy friend despite the scorching July heat. I didn't care, that bad boy was following me home. Over the years, it has slowly worn on the shoulders, and just last week it dawned on me to cut the sleeves and make a vest!!!! To pay for repairs would have been too much $$$. Taking matters in to my creative hand I did so and revamped the vintage fur. Check out the pics below this fur is FUReal HOTTNESS... Enjoy!!!

Rabbit Fur w/ Black Leather trim

Supplies: a pair of scissors, I should have taken a pic before I cut the sleeves but here they are...use your imagination

This is kind of what it looked like prior to my alternations.

This was the look I was going for.
Please pay no attention to the man with the sign... he's a H8ter!!!lol:)

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