Sunday, December 4, 2011

Girl Group

This weekend my friends and I unintentionally went out looking like Destiny's Child + James. It was cute though. Everyone wore a pop of red somewhere in their outfit on the way to Teatro in DC.

Unfortunately you can't see my entire outfit here, but I wore a black mini dress, and black  over the knee boots. I'll probably have to cheat and put everything back on to take another picture for the full effect. 

My hair is just the result of  a chunky twist out from the same twists I was wearing here.

I'll give you guys my outfit credits even though you can't see everything here yet. I feel like I need to start telling you guys how much of a STEAL these thrifted items really are, so I'm gonna start posting the prices as well (to brag mostly.)  

Blazer: Thrifted Ann Taylor ($4) 
Chain Link Side Bag: Thrifted ($3) 
Dress: American Apparel 
Boots: Steve Madden 

The fashionistas to my left and right, also scored their outfits for a steal but I won't expose their stee-lo, so you guys will just have to wonder...

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