Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrifting in NYC

So this past weekend Kris and I trekked up to good ole New York, New York for a fabulous thrifting adventure. Much ground was covered and new thrifting Favorites revealed themselves.
All's you need to know is... "LOWER EAST SIDE!!!"

From Canal on east you will find some pushy yet amusing street vendors. Wait, no... Correction... Pushy hustling street peddlers. But you know what, I'm not even gonna jock their game. Of course most of you know about the knock-off errythang going on, on Canal St. While this is true you can still do a little hustling of your own.

Going east Kris and I ran into little Italy, charming and unique, Miss Hoe's Boutique( strange name, I know but awsome clothes) this was a MUST. When corky meets eccentric Miss Hoe is what you get. And don't let the name fool you... Trust&Believe ain't no hoe round herrr!

However going east we ran into some great thrifting joints and a $5 eyebrow threading shop!!!!!!! Along with my freshly threaded brows I was able to pick up an array of pashmina scarfs and some new (well to me at least) kicks. You couldn't tell me I wasn't a FLY New Yorker for the day😌

As always enjoy, and if you're ever in NYC check these place out.
- No Relations
- Clothing Warehouse
- Miss Hoe
- City Opera
- Vintage Thrift
- Metropolis

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  1. Metropolis, and clothing Warehouse were a bit expensive for my taste. I left Metropolis with only a belt, but the belt was fire!