Sunday, November 20, 2011

Granny Booties

I'm sure you will see these on me many times in the future. I hopped on a little late to the granny bootie bandwagon (Krista has been wearing them for a year already), but I've come to love this new age little house on the prairie style. Here are a pair I picked up while thrifting with Kris in NYC for $15.

I wore them here with Kris for a look I like to call GreenWITCH Village. Humor me, I think it's  a clever name...  

Our entire outfits were thrifted from Edgewood Thrift in Edgewood, MD, No Relations in NYC, and Vintage Village in Dallas, TX. with the exception of my sweater which was from Forever 21, and Kris' Shoes which were from Burlington.