Friday, November 11, 2011

Reduce - Reuse - RECYCLE : Platform Shoes

Stemming from Ancient Greek theatre and their similar use by high-born prostitutes or courtesans in Venice in the 16th Century. Platforms or wooden Wedge shoes continue to evolve and RECYCLE their evidence of style from century, to era, to decade. I'm no fool when it comes to eye-catching style and trends, so likewise I'm practicing the theory of the 3R's (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle), and intend to sport the new and freshly crafted styles of the mile high Platform shoe.

Yes those are GOLDFISH in his SHOES!!! WOWZERS!!!

Not only are they Fashion, but they are also unique to the designer and very artistic.


IDK the Brand, but they are from Burlington Coat Factory

Jessica Simpson Tootsie
*****Caution: Please tread lightly with these right herrr, I have busted my butt a couple of times trynna be EXTRA and CUTE. However the recovery is always graceful :)

Thanks goodness " we've come this far by faith(lol)," from live goldfish to tip-toeing funky fresh heels!
As always ENJOY!


  1. i love the blog that you both have created! :)

  2. The Jessica Simpsons are my fave!!!!