Monday, October 24, 2011

Cleansing for a new Season

For all the wrong reasons I have decided to do a Colon/ Detox cleanse, not because it's actually GREAT for your beauty and over all wellness. My reasoning is rather shallow yet very much true. I am on a mission to lose 10lbs fast, then begin toning my body to get back in tip top shape. As you may know the average person carries 10-15lbs of excess waste on their body....YUCKY!!! So this week I'm going on a CLEANSING JOURNEY, to rid my self of unwanted toxins and waste that have been sucking the life out of me. Stay tuned for my honest review.

Trying to keep this affordable and very simple... here are the products I will be using

Sea Salt- 1.99(Target), Laxative tea with Senna-4. and some change (Target)

Cleanse: For the first 2-3 days I will drink one glass of the Senna Tea. The fourth day I will do a Sea Salt flush helping to flush the remaining gunk out of my body once and for all. Once I have completed the four day cleanse I plan to slowly ease back into a normal diet. Doing so I will be eating light foods and drinking plenty of H2O! Wish me luck:)

The Second portion of my "Cleansing for a new Season " is a called the Oil cleansing Method (OCM)which can be done 2-3 times a week. Sounds weird to clean your face/ body with oil, but it ACTUALLY WORKS! I have been doing this now since the latter part of Aug. and my face is free of dirty pores and smooth as a baby's boo-tay...Hey!!!!!
OCM: Your mixture should include Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil and I include granulated raw brown sugar as an exfoliate
1/2 part- Castor oil
1/4 part- EVOO( Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
1/4 part- Tea Tree Oil (helps fight against bacteria)
Raw Sugar- use your discretion

Mix together and gently message into your face, with your finger tips or a tooth brush. Rinse with warm water. Then place a warm/hot wash cloth over your face, this will open your pores and you will be able to wipe away the remaining dirt from your face. I do this step twice and follow with 100% coco butter for a light moisturizer.

I strongly suggest to research more on both of these cleansing method if you are interest. Enjoy!


  1. After three days of drinking the Senna Detox/ Cleansing Tea, I can truthfully say IT WORKS! On a scale of 1-10 I rate this a 7.25. I did experience cramping towards the later portion of the 6-8 hour time frame it takes to work through your system. However, the tea did provide 5lbs of loss. Now it's on to toning:)

  2. How did you use the sea salt flush?

    1. Sorry for the delay Keyy, The sea salt flush works fine, I encourage to drink lots of water:)