Thursday, March 8, 2012

Turban Attempt + Ombré Out of Control

What's on top of your head??? Well for starters I was lazy and took to my Pashmina scarf creating this lovely Turban. I suggest giving this look a solid try it's easy-peasy; and protects you lush locks underneath... I received SOOOO many compliments on the look, from ALL:)

On another "What's on top of your head note," OMBRÉ!!!
I love this look, when done correctly and tastefully. CiCi has been rocking these two-toned locks for a minute now, and has gotten out of control. Going from an effortless blended, highlight look to a TRAUMATIC mistake her stylist couldn't conceal. Sorry to say but she's no longer sporting honey dipped tendrils, but rather bleach blonde smothered hair. My tip to CiCi... Less trash more class.

But who am I???

This is the difference between GOOD & EVIL!!!! LOL:)

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