Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morange You Glad I Didnt Say Banana?

Outing with mommy dearest to a dance recital at Western High School. I hadnt been in that auditorium for 8 years!!! Jeez I'm getting old.

Lips: MAC Morange w/ Cherry liner
Sweater: Urban Outiftters
Dress and belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Joe's Jeans


Leaving Cometry IV at the University of Baltimore.

Shirt: America Apparel
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colonel Mustard

I guess I was feeling these boots this week cuz I wore them two days in a row. My lips look a little pasty but trust me they looked a lot better at the start of the night! Im wearing MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick under Cultured

On the way to a happy hour at the 5 mile house supposedly "Mingle Mondays" -___- The only other ppl there to mingle with were by 2 other friends that I came with. Snoozefest. However, their drinks were extra strong and their lemon pepper wings were off the heezy fo sheezy!!

Shirt: Ann Taylor Thrifted $3 
Jeans: Forever21 
Boots: Timberland


So obviously these next 2 posts are pre-chop. On the way to go go-carting in White Marsh I wore my favorite new jacket, this safari green number that I got from Krista for my bday.

Jacket: Forever21 
T-Shirt: Old Navy 
Jeans: Forever21 
Boots: Timberland 

I got a new attitude!

On this edition of CHOPPED... Just kidding. Felt like it was time to change it up. Not really a big chop but just a little something different to spice it up. I haven't cut my hair in about 6 years, eer since I started going natural. No I didn't have a quarter century crisis, just wanted a more unique look. Good thing I wasn't facing the mirror when she started cutting because I probably would've cried. No joke!

My hair was cut but the same stylist that used to do my braids. Kennetha Woods. Look her up y'all!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Two large flat twists back into two bunny twisty things. Sorry I suck at describing things. Easy up-do.